Welding equipment

Welding Equipment

International export company Industrial Technologies Bielefeld GmbH offers welding equipment.
• Welding machines exported by our company have robust electronic and mechanical parts, low power consumption, stable operation even during power surges.
• Equipment for plasma cutting and MIG-brazing. High energy density plasma arc allows you to cut steel, a stack of metal sheets, aluminum and copper very quickly and get a perfectly straight edge with minimal changes of the geometry of the material. The seam formed as a result of MIG-brazing has anticorrosive properties.
• Systems for automated welding improve the working conditions of the welder, which generally leads to higher production standards.
• Welding helmets and accessories from Germany. The electric arc formed by welding emits hard ultraviolet radiation, which easily damages the cornea. Welding masks are used in order to protect  the eyes. We also offer all necessary accessories for the welder: gloves, electrode holders, cables, plugs, weld protection spray etc.
Welding equipment, supplied by Industrial Technologies Bielefeld GmbH - is easy to operate and gives you a high quality of welding for optimal price.