Metal processing

Metal processing

Industrial Technologies Bielefeld GmbH is a holding company with an engineering center in St. Petersburg which offers a wide range of tools for the processing of metal.


Our experts will give you a professional advice on the selection of the required products for your needs. All of the provided tools are made of high quality materials, so they will last you a long time. Variety of engineering solutions for works on metal will help you to save your time and to process metal products at the highest level.


Tools for turning and milling:


• Gravers

• Cutters

• Countersinks

• Various drills

• Plates

• threading tools and more




Metal processing machines:


• Lathes

• Milling machines

• Drilling machines

• Band saws

• Press brakes and more.


We supply products of high quality and reliability from well-known
and established European companies only.